Mar 20, 2011

10 things!

The week always go by so fast! It feels like we just posted last weeks '10 things' yesterday. We have some pretty cool things this week, I'm excited to share. 
So here we go:

anisa's 5 things!

Dior mirror
We went shopping at a local antique store the other day and I found this gorgeous Dior mirror. Who could leave this behind?
Moschino necklace
I found this totally awesome necklace and I just had to get it. It combines my love for Moschino with my love for all things nautical.
  Dolce Vita for Target 
These are another pair of Dolce Vita for Target shoes I bought. I received them this week in the mail and they're awesome. 

Mocha Chocolate Icebox Cake
This is a delicious cake that I made this past week.  

Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies - Trader Joe's
I discovered these this week while at Trader Joe's. I decided to give them ago because I was curious about how they would taste. I was really worried that they wouldn't taste good to someone who's eaten chocolate chip cookies that have eggs and diary my whole life but I loved them, as did Arnab.

arnab's 5 things!

Business Card Holder
from the awesome antique store anisa found the Dior mirror in, i found this rockin' business card holder

Black Sleeveless Union Suit
i've been wanting a union suit for ages now and this sleeveless one is so flippin' perfect for me

Skingraft Black Draped Cardigan
anisa has some great sweaters, one just like this, and i think it looks great
The combination of leather and clothe looks super

Gear3 Black Foldover Bag
honestly, i think this bag speaks for itself

 Russel Backpack by Free People
so Free People doesn't make clothes for men, i've come to accept this
however, they do make some fabulous accessories that i would love to own, this bag for example.


  1. I love the backpack! (obv I do since Im norwegian, but still!).. And the necklace is amazing!<3 i want that!<3 But I just love cool jewelry :)
    love ur blog, gonna follow on bloglovin!
    Love M

  2. Hey! Thank you so much!
    You have a cool blog too!