Mar 27, 2011

10 things!

It's that time of the week again!

anisa's 5 things!
Current/Elliott Jeans
All my jeans are either skinny jeans or flared. I would love to have a pair like these which are loose and comfortable but look nice as well. Of course arnab tells me to buy regular jeans and fold them, but I'm not swayed. 

Theory: Ford Lanal L Leather Jacket
I'm on the market for a blazer and wouldn't it be absolutely fantastic if that blazer was leather like this one?!

Nightcap: BB Keyhole Dress in Black/White Stripe
  I love this dress! So much so that I forgive it for the fact that the neck is bordering on being a highneck. 

 Winter Kate: Devi Key Hole Blouse
Another dress that I love, love, love! Look at those sleeves! But again, what's up with the highnecks? 

BCBGMAXAZRIA: Minna Sateen Jumpsuit
So arnab saw this jumpsuit in a store and had me try it on. Here's something you don't know about me yet, I am a huge fan of jumpsuits/rompers, huge! My problem is that I can never find the right one. Well this is the right one!
Alas, none of my 5 things will be coming home to me, at least not any time soon, but like they say "a girl can dream..."

arnab's 5 things!
 Dominic Jones Jewellery
uh, how awesome are those earrings?

 Fannie Schiavoni
and that necklace? awesome

 a.ok stripe henley tank
so i love a good tank, what guy doesn't? 
but this one in particular is all kinds of cool

chrønicles øf never
not many people know this about me, but i love clothes that are so thin they're practically see-thru
a see-thru, baggy shirt? even more fabulous 

Skingraft Armor Hoodie
i love this
i love the sleek, rugged, elegance of it all

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