Mar 5, 2011

accessorize yourself

what up folks! 
if you couldn't tell from all our previous posts, we've got a ton of jewelry.
we decided that the best way for us to show off all our cool stuff would be to do a separate post specifically for all of it
most of these items are vintage, but i'll be spotlighting some of the more contemporary items.
so here it is

these next two necklaces are Givenchy
it was sheer luck that we found them and we just had to bring them home

 anisa has an obsession with all things nautical.
out of sheer luck she found this gorgeous blue anchor necklace by Betsy Johnson (the steering wheel is vintage)

 the two of us love turquoise with an unbridled passion.
our collection is pretty much all vintage. 
i would like to draw attention a couple pieces.

the Turquoise and Onyx bracelet featured here, is Zuni.
the necklace and the bracelets below are from a Native American store in the San Fernando Valley called The Native Spirit Lodge.

the two rings i'm wearing here are from Nepal, which is where we are from

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