Apr 30, 2011

inspiration: Giambattista Valli!

Giambattista Valli

I am obsessed with Giambattista Valli's name! It's so fun to say, I wish it were mine. Anyway, his name isn't the only thing I love about the man, I think he's a fabulous designer. 

Spring/Summer 2011: 

I love the simplicity of the whole collection and even better are the pops of color and patterns (go leopard print!) throughout. And did you see the flats? They're perfect for the spring/summer.

My favorite looks from the collection are:

 Because oh my gosh what a cute dress! And I think the styling for this and all the models are spot on.

 I love how chic this model looks. I love it!

And did I mention the flats!: 

Looking through his collections both past and present is really fun. My hands itch to buy something. :)

P.S. The dress Sarah Burton designed for Kate Middleton was gorgeous, and the McQueen on her sister was equally beautiful. 
What did you guys think?
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Apr 29, 2011

we should always know that we can do anything

Sometimes we forget about pieces in our closet. It's not because they're forgettable, but we get new things, our closet grows, things get pushed aside, it happens. In fact, it happened with the shirt arnab is wearing in this post. He came to me asking if I had any over-sized shirts he could borrow and I reminded him of this one of his. I'm a huge fan of it. The fit's great, the pattern is awesome, the colors mesh perfectly, why have I yet to borrow it?

So I'm sure you can tell by his pictures, arnab is very comfortable with taking pictures in public, I am not. So then why, you ask, did I offer up the idea of standing on the tiny wall next to the very public place we were already taking pictures at? I have no idea. It's actually funny how calm I look because when arnab took this I was freaking out and how unstable I felt.

arnab is wearing a Velour button down shirt, Levi 511 corduroy  jeans, and Alfani boots
  anisa is wearing an Alternative Apparel shirt, Current/Elliot slouch cargos, Seychelles boots, and H&M bag

Our post title is a lyric borrowed from Jónsi' "Go Do."
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Apr 28, 2011

anyone heading to a royal wedding?

Like many people arnab and I will not be attending the royal wedding in person but we will be watching it from our house with our mom. 
Earlier today I was wondering, if I was invited to such an affair, what would I wear?!

Well this is what I came up with:

Valentino- Tri-Lace Voulant-Sleeve Dress ($4,680)

Judith Leiber- Labyrinth Crystal Clutch ($3,995)

Christian Louboutin- Rolando Hidden-Platform Pump ($695)

The Valentino dress is something I want to buy right now and wear everywhere!! I love the silhouette and the lace is gorgeous and did you see the sleeves? Of course if I were invited to a royal wedding and wore this dress I would be much more conservative with the top half of the dress.

I'm pairing the dress with a Judith Leiber clutch and Louboutin's because they are both individually and all together fabulous. Then again the hardest part is finding the right dress. Pairing it with the right accessories is a much more relaxing and fun task.  

Anyway it's a good thing I wasn't invited to the wedding because all three of these items are way out of my price range.
A girl can dream!


Apr 27, 2011

hell or high water

I have an extremely weak spot for all things nautical. If you asked arnab he'd say that that isn't the only thing I have a weak spot for. It's true though, and I'll admit it. If it's nautical-themed, polka dotted, striped, or laced more often then not, it's coming home with me. But I'm sure I'm not the only one who has such weak spots, though I may be the only one who has so many of them... :)

I got the necklace I'm wearing from a fabulous little vintage jewelry store arnab and I used to frequent often. (we only stopped to give my bank account a break) The top I won on eBay and fabulous win it was!! 

If I had to say what arnab's weakness was I would have to say that it is outerwear: jackets, cardigans, that sort of thing. I don't know if he'll agree with me but I've said outerwear because for someone who doesn't get cold often he sure owns a lot of outerwear apparel. And that's all I'm going to say about that.

I didn't realize that arnab and I both had on nautical necklaces, great minds I guess. ;) An awesome thing about having a brother who is equally as fascinated by fashion as you are is that we can share a lot of stuff, especially jewelry. And if there weren't two of us sharing jewelry a lot of it would be just gathering dust and that is not what jewelry supposed to do!

  anisa is wearing a vintage shirt, Free People flare jeans, Michael Kors clog heels, Banana Republic clutch, and vintage jewelry

arnab is wearing a H&M chambray shirt, H&M shirt, Levi 511 jeans, and Calvin Klein loafers
 Our post title is a song title by William Elliott Whitmore.
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Apr 26, 2011

I've been waiting for this moment...

The weather we have been having these past few weeks has been strange and sporadic. One day we're leaving our homes in pants and a jacket and the next we're walking out in shorts and skirts. 
Well, at least it's keeping us on our feet.

arnab is wearing a Guess vest and I love vests because they can class up almost any outfit. This particular vest is great because it classes up an outfit for sure, but it's still casual enough that outfit doesn't look too stuffy. 

I'm wearing a jacket from H&M that I am crazy about. H&M isn't one of the stores I frequent often but when I do I always know that I can find something fun and unique like this jacket.

The clutch I'm holding is a vintage clutch I bought at a fabulous store called S.L.O.W. on Melrose. I looked at it and it looked so 70's, I had to have it, obviously.  :)

  arnab is wearing a Guess vest, Guess shirt, Lip Service skinny jeans, and Calvin Klein loafers
  anisa is wearing a H&M jacket, Juicy Couture jean shorts, vintage purple/white clutch, Dolce Vita for Target oxfords

Our post title is a lyric borrowed from Silversun Pickup's "Lazy Eye."

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