Apr 24, 2011

10 things!

Hello all! 

anisa's 5 things!
Commes de Garcon
I have been needing (or more truthfully wanting) a new wallet and this is the one I need and want. I hope I'll be able to get one soon.  

Arabella Ramsay- Jackaroo Leather Jacket 
I love, love, love fringe! Unfortunately I don't own anything that has fringe, which is an upsetting thought. This jacket, in my opinion, is so fabulous. It's very costume-y sure, but I think everyone should have a couple of those pieces in your wardrobe, just to spice up outfits every so often.   
Levi's Denim Western Shirt
 I need to get this shirt! Of all the items on my list, this one is the most affordable but every time I decide to buy it other more vital purchases come to light, so this one gets pushed back. It's frustrating but I think we all can understand that we can't always buy the clothes we'd absolutely love to have. (But give me time I'm going to get this shirt!)

Pour La Victoire
When I first saw these heels they were patent leather light pink and they were gorgeous. Then I saw these babies and for me personally green trumps pink any day of the week. I would love to add these to my wardrobe. 
Jil Sander Spring 2011 Collection
I love Jil Sander's Spring 2011 Collection. It is filled with so much color, which is the trend this spring season, sure, but I also love the silhouettes and styles of the clothes that we saw in this collection. When I look at the collection I see fun and classy and relaxed and wonderful and I'd love to wear what this model is wearing sans the glasses (I have a huge dislike for the circle sunglasses.)

arnab's 5 things!
Diesel Roger Boots
These Diesel boots are totally awesome!

Kr3w Black McKinley Shoe
These are some really cool dress shoes

D&G Tennis Swim Shorts
How awesome are these swim shorts?

Acne Razor Black Snake Jean
I love me some Skinny Jeans and these are spectacular

Oak Black Slouch Short Jumpsuit
I'm not really one for the drop crotch, but other than that, this is fantastic!

We've linked our pictures, either to the store we found them at, or to the website we found them at, so if you want anymore information on anything, click the pictures!

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