Apr 22, 2011

and it's a sin to live so well

I have been lusting after this French Connection jacket since last year but would only ever find it in a size 8, which unfortunately I'm not. Last weekend though, the size 8 was on sale and arnab told me that it didn't look bad big on me. 
So after thinking it over I bought it. Yes!
And then I thought, what a perfectly unisex jacket this is!  
(If both arnab and I can wear an item that's how I rationalize the purchase.)  
  And then I thought (yup, lots of thinking that weekend) it would be interesting to see how a guy and girl would style the jacket so here we are:

I seriously adore this jacket and yes it's totally sensible to own a jacket like this in L.A. We get cold weather once in a while and it's good to always be prepared.  :)

And here's the person responsible for me owning the jacket. As far as shopping is concerned I think arnab and I are a fantastic brother/sister duo. Where my bank account is concerned, though, I think we might have to go on a shopping hiatus... maybe...

But do you see how this jacket works for the both of us? A jacket this fabulous for two people for the price of one, awesome!

anisa is wearing a French Connection jacket, Charlotte Russe top, vintage red/white polka dot skirt, Karen Scott heels
  arnab is wearing a French Connection jacket, H&M shirt, 511 Levi's, and Alfani boots

Our post title borrowed lyrics from Harvey Danger's 
"Flagpole Sitta"
Have a fabulous weekend!

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