Apr 13, 2011

animal instincts

The leopard print top that I'm wearing is an XL size. I bought it while thrifting and not only did I love the pattern on it I actually loved that it was so large. When I got home I quickly tried it on with a bunch of different bottoms and I was pleased to find that it went well with my high-waisted pants and shorts and worked equally well if I wanted to just have it hang loose and big on me with some tights.
Don't you just love having clothes that are so versatile? 

The pants that
I am wearing are lavender and were a gift from my best friend Sosann. They're high-waisted and so very comfortable!!

These are my new Seychelles taupe heels,
I adore the look of them!

Before we took pictures arnab commented that the outfit he is wearing is the type of outfit he used to wear in high school, he's graduating from college this coming May. He suggested that we do a post displaying our high school style. I quickly rejected that idea because while he may have dressed great in high school I did not.

My mom knit the beanie arnab is wearing, we're trying to get her to knit more for us.  
The cardigan arnab is wearing is a Volcom sweater and has been put to so much use. It is one of the articles of clothing arnab and I share and I'm pretty sure we've both worn it over 200x.

anisa is wearing a vintage Jennifer top, Levi's jeans, Seychelles heels, vintage turquoise wallet, and vintage jewelry
 arnab is wearing Volcom cardigan, Quicksilver  button down, Levi's 511 Jeans, homemade beanie,  and Guess by Marciano boots


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