Apr 28, 2011

anyone heading to a royal wedding?

Like many people arnab and I will not be attending the royal wedding in person but we will be watching it from our house with our mom. 
Earlier today I was wondering, if I was invited to such an affair, what would I wear?!

Well this is what I came up with:

Valentino- Tri-Lace Voulant-Sleeve Dress ($4,680)

Judith Leiber- Labyrinth Crystal Clutch ($3,995)

Christian Louboutin- Rolando Hidden-Platform Pump ($695)

The Valentino dress is something I want to buy right now and wear everywhere!! I love the silhouette and the lace is gorgeous and did you see the sleeves? Of course if I were invited to a royal wedding and wore this dress I would be much more conservative with the top half of the dress.

I'm pairing the dress with a Judith Leiber clutch and Louboutin's because they are both individually and all together fabulous. Then again the hardest part is finding the right dress. Pairing it with the right accessories is a much more relaxing and fun task.  

Anyway it's a good thing I wasn't invited to the wedding because all three of these items are way out of my price range.
A girl can dream!


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