Apr 1, 2011

brick by brick

Every other week arnab and I try to meet our friends for breakfast, kind of like in Sex and the City, except we have a couple of boys in our group.  :)  
Spending time with our friends is our favorite things to do.

Here I am with my beautiful friends Sosann and Iliana

These are all the awesome different handbags we carry


I bought this top, by Woodleigh, because I thought the lace looked awesome against the grey. Since I've  bought I've worn it constantly. (you may have seen it before here
I love the look of it, it's ease for me to style, and it's extremely comfortable. 
I love when purchases pay off like this one has.

This is the first vintage bag I've ever bought and I think it's a fabulous purchase.  :)

I got these Seychelles boots over on Gilt and I am very pleased!!

anisa is wearing a Woodleigh top, F21 high-waisted shorts, Target tights, Seychelles boots, and Vintage bag

Have a wonderful weekend!