Apr 8, 2011

fenced in

Is there such thing as too much nautical? No. 
(This is my second nautical themed outfit, with promise of more to come!)
When I saw this Betsey Johnson anchor necklace not only did it take my breath away but I had to have it, of course. Sometimes Betsey Johnson can be a bit much for my taste, but with this necklace it's all just right. 

arnab decided he was gonna color block this outfit and if there's  faster way to make your outfit fun tell me what it is because I'm pretty sure there isn't one. 

 anisa is wearing a H&M sweater dress, Betsey Johnson anchor necklace, BB Dakota cluth, and Bandalino heels
 arnab is wearing a H&M tank, American Apparel cardigan, Levi's 511 Jeans, and Calvin Klein loafers

Southern California has gotten significantly chilly in the past 48 hours. I'm sure I've mentioned it before but I am a warm weather person whilst arnab is a cold weather person. You would know this if you had heard some of the conversations we have had about the weather, they go something like this:
Anisa: Oh my gosh, it's so cold! Why is it so cold?
arnab: Is it cold? I feel hot.

Here's to hoping that spring comes back, and fast!
Have a wonderful weekend!

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