Apr 27, 2011

hell or high water

I have an extremely weak spot for all things nautical. If you asked arnab he'd say that that isn't the only thing I have a weak spot for. It's true though, and I'll admit it. If it's nautical-themed, polka dotted, striped, or laced more often then not, it's coming home with me. But I'm sure I'm not the only one who has such weak spots, though I may be the only one who has so many of them... :)

I got the necklace I'm wearing from a fabulous little vintage jewelry store arnab and I used to frequent often. (we only stopped to give my bank account a break) The top I won on eBay and fabulous win it was!! 

If I had to say what arnab's weakness was I would have to say that it is outerwear: jackets, cardigans, that sort of thing. I don't know if he'll agree with me but I've said outerwear because for someone who doesn't get cold often he sure owns a lot of outerwear apparel. And that's all I'm going to say about that.

I didn't realize that arnab and I both had on nautical necklaces, great minds I guess. ;) An awesome thing about having a brother who is equally as fascinated by fashion as you are is that we can share a lot of stuff, especially jewelry. And if there weren't two of us sharing jewelry a lot of it would be just gathering dust and that is not what jewelry supposed to do!

  anisa is wearing a vintage shirt, Free People flare jeans, Michael Kors clog heels, Banana Republic clutch, and vintage jewelry

arnab is wearing a H&M chambray shirt, H&M shirt, Levi 511 jeans, and Calvin Klein loafers
 Our post title is a song title by William Elliott Whitmore.
See you soon!

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