Apr 16, 2011


For this post I wanted to write about a trip arnab and I took a few years back.
When arnab graduated from high school we, along with our parents, took a vacation to lovely London, England. We stayed there two weeks with relatives and then while my parents came back home arnab and I visited Edinburgh, Scotland and Dublin, Ireland for a few days each. 
The vacation was fabulous and I thought we'd share some photo's. (all photographs, except the ones where he's in them, were taken by arnab)

London, England

The London Eye

Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh Castle, which I am obsessed with so much!:

Dublin, Ireland

The River Liffey:


Here I am waiting for the Tube:

And here arnab is displaying American class to the lovely British folk:

As you'll soon see, one of the most common things about all three cities is that that have huge, beautiful parks everywhere!
I wish we could just pick them up and relocate them here. :)

arnab, enjoying and loving the London weather:

Yes that's me in the phone booth:

A picture from the middle of Piccadilly Circus:

Of course, Buckingham Palace:

Tower Bridge, gorgeous:

Big Ben!:
arnab and I both fell in love with London. 
In fact, he says that if he ever left Los Angeles it would be to move to London. I am never leaving L.A. but maybe a vacation house?


Here are pictures me and arnab standing near canon's in Edinburgh Castle:

I cannot stress enough, how much I love this castle.

The Royal Mile, arnab and I walked up and down these streets many times:

Holyrood Park, I don't know how but we climbed this behemoth:

Meadow Park (one of Edinburgh's huge, beautiful parks):

We had coffee at this small cafe were J.K. Rowling sat and wrote some of Harry Potter!!!!:
To get to Edinburgh we took a bus from London and though the ride was long, the scenery was to die for! When we go back we would like to visit the rest of Scotland, or as much as we can.


On the River Liffey, love the bridge:

Here arnab and I are with brilliant author, James Joyce:

High St. means shopping!:

The Guinness Brewery was a very interesting place to visit and they give you a pint of beer at the end!:

Kilmainham Gaol is a former prison and a fascinating museum:

St. Stephens Green (one of Dublin's huge, beautiful parks):
arnab and I have already decided that we are going back to all three cities and we wish to explore more of all three countries. 
It may not happen as soon as we would like, but it will happen!


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