Apr 5, 2011

i'm ready, i am

These outfits are another example of arnab and my everyday wear. arnab has classes to attend and art to create and I work with kids so comfort is a must. But I think we've done a good job being comfortable and looking nice at the same time.

I really need to spotlight these jeans that I'm wearing in a post. They are acid-wash, which people pretty much hate or love, in my case I love the style. Ever since I saw Aunt Jackie on the Roseanne show wearing her high-waisted acid wash jeans I have wanted a pair. Unfortunately these are not high-waisted (if they were I would be in heaven!) but they are still one of my favorite pairs of jeans.

I remember when we saw the jacket arnab is wearing at our local Urban Outfitters, it's pretty awesome. I'm glad that I convinced arnab to get it (I know I'm fantastic) because it's very versatile and has been put to great use. Both arnab and I were shocked that this is the first time we're putting it on the blog. 

 anisa is wearing an All Son thermal, D.E.P.T. blazer, DC acid wash jeans, Dolce Vita for Target oxfords, and a vintage handbag
 arnab is wearing a Charles and a Half faux leather jacket, All Son thermal, Levi's jeans, and Kenneth Cole Reaction boots

I borrowed our post title from The Format. Isn't it great to listen to songs that have been with you since as far back as high school?

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