Apr 26, 2011

I've been waiting for this moment...

The weather we have been having these past few weeks has been strange and sporadic. One day we're leaving our homes in pants and a jacket and the next we're walking out in shorts and skirts. 
Well, at least it's keeping us on our feet.

arnab is wearing a Guess vest and I love vests because they can class up almost any outfit. This particular vest is great because it classes up an outfit for sure, but it's still casual enough that outfit doesn't look too stuffy. 

I'm wearing a jacket from H&M that I am crazy about. H&M isn't one of the stores I frequent often but when I do I always know that I can find something fun and unique like this jacket.

The clutch I'm holding is a vintage clutch I bought at a fabulous store called S.L.O.W. on Melrose. I looked at it and it looked so 70's, I had to have it, obviously.  :)

  arnab is wearing a Guess vest, Guess shirt, Lip Service skinny jeans, and Calvin Klein loafers
  anisa is wearing a H&M jacket, Juicy Couture jean shorts, vintage purple/white clutch, Dolce Vita for Target oxfords

Our post title is a lyric borrowed from Silversun Pickup's "Lazy Eye."

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