Apr 15, 2011

wind in my hair. i just relax. goin' nowehere. ya i like that.

Today we used the pathway in our front yard as a sort of runway. 
It was an interesting idea and definitely fun. I think you can see the whole 'runway' theme in arnab's pictures much better than in mine. I'm pretty clumsy with heels on so I feel like the pictures of me standing were the best. (although I'm sure arnab can tell you I wobble a lot standing, as well.)

arnab got this shirt this past weekend at H&M, he had three choices and this one won and I think it was a pretty damn good choice. 
To those who say you cant wear denim on denim I say:

I bought this dress over on Etsy and I love it! The pattern is unique, in a good way, and I love that the silhouette can be manipulated by the belt.  
I got the pearl necklace I'm wearing because of Carrie Bradshaw. I don't wear it often because I can't wear it with everything like Carrie can but it's definitely a good accessory to have.


I always thought that starting a fashion blog would be a fun thing to do but I am not a fan of getting my picture taken. I'm extremely awkward about it and I always freak out when people walk by, arnab is the exact opposite. I know what you're thinking: are you guys really related?  
Anyway, long story short if I didn't post this picture (below) I wouldn't ever hear the end of it.

anisa is wearing a vintage Cinnamon dress, I.N.C. heels, and faux pearl necklace
arnab is wearing H&M chambray button down, Levi's 511 Jeans, and Guess by Marciano boots

The title of our post comes from "I Like That" by Shane Mack and can be found in the Shelter soundtrack:)

 Have a fantastic weekend everyone!!

Hype arnab!

Hype Anisa!

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