May 27, 2011

heartless bastards

Sometimes you just have to grab a stool and pose on it. 
Obviously those are not words of wisdom, nor is it a common phrase but it was definitely what I was thinking when we did pictures for this post.

The vintage boots that I'm wearing are gorgeous. I got them via Etsy and while I think they're the most beautiful boots ever, they are slightly too small for me. But see if that stops me from wearing them. 

As you scroll down you'll see that arnab was more courageous and adventurous with the stool. In fact when he was taking my pictures he dared to climb onto it and take pictures of me whilst standing on it. 

As I am looking at arnab's Diesel shirt I'm wondering why he doesn't wear it more often. Men don't wear too much color do they? But I think the great thing is, is that designers know this and create awesome clothes in the colors men were often, which is great because arnab owns a lot of gray and black. 

anisa is wearing a Elizabeth and James blazer, vintage leopard print blouse, OPI- Don't Mess with OPI, Levi's shorts, and vintage boots
arnab is wearing a Diesel shirt, BDG pants, and Alfani boots
Our post title is the name of a band arnab and I both love. Check 'em out if you have the time!

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