May 13, 2011

I was born, driven by fear

howdy all! 
your eyes are not deceiving you, this is in fact arnab speaking
anisa is a tad busy, so you're stuck with me

so pictured below, anisa is wearing a gorgeous sweater and awesome skirt
the sweater was a gift from one of our close friends, iliana (she's been featured before) and it gets anisa compliments all the time
see, isn't it great having such fashionable friends?

and here we have me
sometimes you own a shirt that's cool, but it just needs a little something
well, in this case, i just had to rip off the sleeves and presto, fantastic

anisa is wearing a Forever 21 sweater, vintage skirt, vintage purse, and Circa Joan and David sandals
arnab is wearing a Micros shirt, Levi's 511 jeans, and a vintage Moschino necklace

the name of our post is a song by the Heartless Bastards
have a great weekend!

hype anisa!

hype arnab!

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