May 20, 2011

just make sure when you’re finished you got a story to tell

When we left the house it was quite chilly. As we started taking the pictures the sun decided to grace us. Unfortunately it did not bring it's warmth, oh how I miss the warmth.

arnab one the other hand thrives in this type of weather. The best part about cold weather is that you can always bundle up and layer, like arnab has done, to stay warm and still look good. Under arnab's FCUK lovely jacket (I love the fit and color!) he is wearing our handy dandy Volcom cardigan that we have worn to death (also seen here). Under that he's wearing a Topman shirt and what's great about this type of layering is that he has an outfit for all types of weather and all he has to do is take of a layer or two.

Unfortunately, I have scarring on my chest and both my shoulders which prevent me from wearing anything low cut in the front and anything without sleeves which makes shopping hard for dresses and tops sometimes, as well. So when arnab gave me this dress (which I've worn before here) I was more than ecstatic. While its hard to find contemporary dresses that work with my restrictions, vintage is twice as hard because great vintage finds take a lot of work to find.

arnab is wearing a FCUK jacket, Volcom cardigan,Topman shirt, Levi's 511 jeans, and Calvin Klein loafers
anisa is wearing an I.N.C. leopard print cardigan, vintage polka dot dress, vintage bag, Seychelles heels

Our post title is a lyric from Joe Purdy's song "Glory"
Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!!

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