May 17, 2011

Name? -He said it was Thor...

As the post title may have hinted (it's a direct quote from the movie), arnab and I ventured out to see Thor this past weekend. As comic book fans we readily dished out the big bucks to see it. arnab and I go to the movie theaters about 3, 4 times a year, mostly because the ticket pricing is high and its much cheaper to wait and rent. Anyway Thor happened to be one of the movies we ventured to the theaters to see and we thoroughly enjoyed it! (This year Pirates of the Caribbean 4, Green Lantern, Captain America, and a Steve Carrel/Ryan Gosling movie which I can't remember the title for are coming out as well... be still my heart/wallet )      

Here's what we wore to the movies:

This is the debut of my Levi's denim shirt! I only just got it the day before but I'm already super attached to it. I also took with me my handy dandy Marc by Marc Jacobs handbag which
is big enough to store pretty much everything. And a confession: I wore the Jimmy Taverniti cargo pants I'm wearing here, like three days in a row. They're so comfortable and I feel like they're effortlessly cool. I love 'em.

Last post I wore something our darling friend Iliana gave me and this post arnab is wearing something she gave him! She gave him the awesome grey jacket and it has this sleek look, it was an instant hit when arnab received it. arnab is also wearing his snazzy new RayBan aviators. It took us forever for him to pick out this pair especially because he kept showing me and our mom two other pairs that were pretty much the same as this one and he kept asking us to choose one. It was a hot mess, but he eventually took pity on us and choose these and I think they're a damn nice pick, don't you? 

anisa is wearing a Levi's denim shirt, Jimmy Taverniti cargo pants, Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, vintage flats
arnab is wearing a MG X UO jacket, All Son thermal, d.i.y. beanie, RayBan aviators, and Levi's 511 jeans
Have a happy Tuesday!!

Hype Anisa!

Hype arnab!

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