May 4, 2011

rockin' the suburbs

This is another batch of arnab and my casual looks. Interestingly enough arnab's picture's for this post were taken with my pictures from the last post and my pictures from this post were taken with arnab's picture's from last post, don't ask why they aren't paired together because I don't really know myself... 
I love perfect weather and casual dressing!

arnab's very experimental and creative (and not shy) with his posing for picture posts and I am the complete opposite. My pictures for this post were taken on a small residential street with very little traffic, but I was so skittish and embarrassed (this is always the case with me) the whole time and I kept leaving the street, much to arnab's consternation. Whereas arnab can be seen on the same street posing, walking, skipping, jumping all over in this post

arnab is wearing a Volcom button down shirt, a Topman tank, Volcom shorts, and Quiksilver sandals
  anisa is wearing an H&M top, Marc Jacobs leather jacket, vintage jewelry, Native Spirit Lodge turquoise necklace, vintage clutch, and Dolce Vita for Target wedges

 Our post title is a song by Ben Folds.
Happy Wednesday!!

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