May 10, 2011

yesterday's got nothin' for me

arnab is very slim, and I can't stress 'slim' enough. It's pretty hard to shop for/with him. (I don't know how many shopping expeditions end with me yelling at him to gain weight.) I'm sure I've talked about this before and I'm sure it'll come up again but I think it's a pretty serious thing that for every 20 outfits I can buy he can buy 1. So when we spotted this blazer at ASOS for sale we had to get it. It's a fantastic fit and it's so nice and so sharp. Now all we need to do is get the boy some matching slacks but he's so skinny! We'll call it our next mission or something because let's face it, finding pieces for him are grueling missions!!

When I was in my sophomore year of college I started to work at Forever 21 and worked there for about 2 years. It gave me great respect for all sales associates but it also turned me off to all things Forever 21 for awhile (like when you eat too much of something you love and then you start to hate it). Well one day, a couple of years later, I was at a Goodwill and I found this skirt, and by then F21 and I were a-okay, so I bought it. It looked new and the only problem with it was what looked to be coffee stains. I asked arnab if it was worth buying and he figured it would wash away and it did. Boy did I get lucky!

anisa is wearing a levis denim jacket, H&M shirt, Forever 21 skirt, vintage clutch, OPI Don't Mess with OPI nail polish
  arnab is wearing ASOS blazer, GUESS sweater, Vans pants, and vintage oxfords

 Our post title is a song by Guns N' Roses
Have a great Tuesday everyone!

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