Jun 22, 2011

hold your head high

You may remember arnab's shirt from this post. I think that he may have found the perfect pants to go with the shirt. But then again it's the type of top that goes well with all sorts of pants and shorts. Don't you love when you clothes are easy to style?

You may not have known it but I am an animal lover. 
I love reading books about animals, I love watching documentaries about animals (my favorite is Into the Pride), and one of my top places to visit would be the animal reserves in Africa. 
Here I'm trying to put two of my loves together.

arnab is wearing a Velour button down shirt, Levi's 511 khakis, and Guess boots
 anisa is wearing a World Wildlife Fund Shirt, Levi's high-waist jeans, Michael Kors clogs, vintage clutch

Our blog post is a song by the Heartless Bastards.
Have a lovely Wednesday!!

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