Jun 15, 2011

is this it?

Last weekend arnab and I attended a birthday of a lovely lady, who yet again made us feel like we were getting older fast. Oh, how the time flies!

Every time I look at arnab's pictures I think they look like pictures of a man from the 70's. It's not just because of his awesome vintage shirt, but it's the way he's standing and the way that the lighting is hitting him. Anyone see what I see?

This is my first maxi dress. Because of my scars, the popular maxi dress styles are no good for me and I always assumed that I just wouldn't get to join in on the maxi dress fun.
But when I saw this vintage beauty I knew that I had assumed to fast.
I was extra lovely because did you see the polka dots!!

arnab is wearing a vintafe button down, Levi's 511 jeans, and Alfani boots
anisa is wearing a vintage dress, vintage belt, vintage clutch, and Dolce Vita for Target wedges

Our post title is an album and song title by The Strokes.
Happy Wednesday everyone!!

Hype Anisa!

Hype arnab!

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