Jun 4, 2011

melrose ave.

One of arnab and my favorite places to shop is down on Melrose Ave. The stores that we frequent are loaded with both contemporary and vintage pieces for both men and women. Though we live fairly close to Melrose (about 20- 30 min. away) it's a very good thing we don't live seconds away because that would be constant blows to our wallets. 

Our first stop is always Coffee Bean (you have to keep hydrated whilst shopping you know!) And then we slowly make it to Slow and Wasteland and American Vintage. When we went on Wednesday we also visited Goorin Bros., a charming little hat store. 
All in all, it was a fantastic day!

No one has ever asked me if I was a solids kind of person or prints, but for some reason I feel like I would say solids. And that is terribly untrue. I love leopard prints, I love stripes, and I love polka dots! (clearly)

arnab told me today he was dressing 'military meets California.' I think he pretty much got that mixture spot on. I think the relaxed but still stylish look is always the way to go and arnab is definitely looking stylishly relaxed. 

 anisa is wearing avintage top, vintage skirt, Moschino belt, vintage clutch, and Karen Scott heels
arnab is wearing a Ralph Lauren button down, Topman tank, Volcom cargos and Alfani boots

Til we meet again Melrose!  
I'm already itching to go back! ;)

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