Jun 24, 2011

my standard break from life

In the past years arnab and I have accumulated many band shirts. We don't wear them too often anymore so arnab decided put them to use by transforming them into something suitable for the hotter days we have. 

The boots I'm wearing used to belong to my best friend Sosann. arnab convinced her to buy them some odd years ago (even though they were a size to small.) This past month she sadly asked if I would like them and I said of course, of course!

is wearing a diy Alkaline Trio band shirt, Levi's 511 diy shorts, vintage
Earl of Dover fedora, and Guess by Marciano  boots
anisa is wearing a Marc Jacobs top, J Brand jeans, Deena and Ozzy boots, and a vintage purse

Our post title is an Alkaline Trio song.
Have a happy Friday everyone!!

Hype arnab!

Hype Anisa!

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