Jun 14, 2011

sighing just a little bit... smiling just a little bit

Last week arnab and i went with our friends to the Americana in Glendale. The place is great for hanging out with friends. There's wide open spaces, restaurants and cafe's, and shops (lot and lots of shops!)

Here we are at our groups' favorite coffee shop, Coffee Bean! Whenever we are outside and there's a Coffee Bean nearby we will definitely have already stopped in or are just about to go, we are obsessed! 

 I wore a vintage blouse that I had forgotten about. It's always fun to find treasures in your own closet. But then again finding 'treasures' can also imply that your closet is overcrowded with things you don't wear. But don't think negatively! (at least not where your wardrobe is concerned!)

arnab is wearing his new Buffalo shirt, which he was hesitant to buy (mainly due to the price.) Thankfully for him I was there to knock down all doubt and reservations and convinced him to buy it. The top is perfect for arnab, who detests the hotter whether like I detest bananas (I shudder at even the mere thought of them.)

anisa is wearing a vintage blouse, Current/Elliott jeans, vintage clutch, and Clarks sandals 
arnab is wearing a Buffalo shirt, KR3W skinny cargos, Ben Sherman hat, and Kenneth Cole boots

Our post title is from Josh Ritter's "Monster Ballads."
Happy Tuesday everyone!!

Hype Anisa!

Hype arnab!

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