Jul 17, 2011

10 things!

Hi everyone!

arnab and I got back from our trip to the Grand Canyon late Thursday night and we've either been too busy or too lazy to post anything until today ;)
I've decided to forgo our usual '10 things' and instead do a combined "5 things" and you'll be getting a sneak preview of our trip pictures which we'll slowly post in the following week.

anisa and arnab's 5 things!

Road trips! 
In our case, our trip wasn't a conventional road trip but we were in that car for 10+ hours and our hours awake, both in the car and outside exploring, were a blast.

2. The Grand Canyon!

3. Polaroids! 
For instant gratification and because they make for awesome photographs.

4. Copper bracelets!
These were made in the Grand Canyon region by the local Native Americans. 
(Anyone who is a fan of Native American art or jewelry will love what they have there!! I know I did)

5. Postcards! 
I don't have a huge collection or anything but I do try and buy  postcards from places that I visit. The Grand Canyon of course had all kinds of postcards but I especially loved the artwork for these three. I think they're beautiful!

We'll have more soon about our trip so stay tuned!

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