Jul 21, 2011

the grand canyon

As I have mentioned, last week me, arnab and our friends Sosann, Alex, and Nilu were on a four day camping trip in the Grand Canyon National Park
To get into the park you pay $25 per car and the pass lasts you 7 days. Besides being able to see the wonderful sites, the pass allows you to use the restrooms (very modern and clean ones at that), showers, laundromat, general store and the Lodge (which has gift shops, cafes, and a restaurant.) I thought that just being able to use the clean restrooms was worth the $25 (or in our case $5 per person) fee.

 Nilu, Alex, Sosann, me and arnab:

arnab and I

Nilu, Sosann, and me

We all went on a 3 hour mule ride:

me and arnab:

On our way home we stopped at Zion National Park in Utah and we were entranced by the beautiful rock mountains and the pretty river we encountered. 

After finishing at Zion we decided to search the area for some food and arnab spotted the Flying Monkey. It wasn't in the easiest to spot locations and when arnab was pointing it out to us all I kept seeing was the bookstore... But we took a chance and boy did we get lucky!! 

I don't think one of was unhappy with our food. 

arnab got the pizza (which he finished amazingly fast)

and I got a calzone!!

The service was wonderful and the only bad part is that the restaurant is all the way in Utah. :(
If you're ever in the area go visit Zion and the Flying Monkey, you won't regret it!! 

Have a wonderul Thursday! 

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