Jul 20, 2011

sweet child o' mine

When we were younger our parents would take me and arnab camping at least once a year, every year. This stopped around the time I started college but we started camping again last year, when we camped at Big Sur. 

For this trip arnab and I acquired canvas backpacks, and as I love camping and will definitely be camping in future, I think it's a smart buy. I took the bag with me everywhere and it makes carrying snacks, water, first aid, and cameras extremely easy!

Coffee break for a coffee addict!

arnab is wearing a Goorin Bros. fedora, Alternative Apparel jacket, diy Levi's shorts, Alternative Apparel canvas backpack, and Vans
anisa is wearing a striped Gap shirt, vintage Guess by Marciano shorts, vintage belt, canvas backpack, and Volcom sandals

Also a song from the c.d. I made, the title of our post is a 
Guns N' Roses song. 
Have a happy Wednesday!! :)

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