Jul 28, 2011


A few days ago arnab and I took a short trip down south to San Diego because it was ComicCon and it was an absolute blast!
We saw many of our favorite comic book writers and authors, which made the whole convention that much more fantastic.
But ComicCon isn't just for us comic loving folk. 
The Transformers were there! And there was a lot Star Wars related toys and statues (including this awesome R2-D2 and C-3PO
 which I wanted to take a picture with, but so did everyone else, the line was too long!)
The cast of Teen Wolf did a signing (which excited arnab to no end) and loads of other stuff. 

Here I am with Bumblebee (of the Transformers):

He was one of the many Lego statues that were seen all through the main exhibition hall. Some more are below:

Lego Optimus Prime:

Lego Batman!:

Lego Boba Fett!

Lego Captain Jack Sparrow!:

Some folks from Monty Python and a Hobbit (there in the middle!):

A male Wonder Women:

A female Martian Manhunter:
(The last two in costumes were in a group of men and women who dressed as superheroes of the opposite sex. Awesome!)

A Bat mobile:

And our friendly neighborhood Spiderman:

All in all we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. If you're ever thinking about going it definitely something worth while. 
We look forward to being there next year!

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