Aug 22, 2011

eat your heart out: basic trifle!

The first time I made a trifle was after watching Rachel from Friends make her "special" trifle (for like the 5th time, we love that show!) Of course, I not only made sure that mine didn't have meat in it, but I also made sure to follow all the directions. :)

One thing that I've learned about trifles is that you can pretty much make it your own, which is exactly what I've done. 

1. 9" sponge cake. I have also used lady fingers and a sheet of white cake (use whichever one you like)
2. 1 (3.5 ounce) package instant vanilla pudding mix. I have no idea how to make pudding so this is what I make. You can also use custard.
3. 1 lb. blueberries (You can use whatever fruits you like, really)
4. 1 lb. strawberries (sliced)
5. Whipped cream, I make mine out of scratch but of course you can buy pre-made whipped cream if you prefer.
6.  A dish, the deeper the better (you can also prepare them in cups or bowls to make small individual trifles.)

1. Prepare your sponge cake or white cake. Let it cool down and the cut the cake up into pieces.
2. Prepare your pudding.

3. Start layering the trifle. For the first (bottom) layer, place pieces of your cake (or lady fingers) to cover the bottom of the dish.

4. The next layer should be the fruits, spread above the cake.

5. Next comes the pudding/custard. Put as much as you want. I put thin layers of pudding because I don't like it that much. 

6. Repeat the layering steps. 

7. At the very top is when you put the whipping cream. You can put whipping cream in the layers before but it might get too sweet. I find that the cake, fruit, pudding, and whipping cream  compliment one another pretty well so this is the trifle I usually make. And voilĂ ! A
trifle! :)

Happy cooking!!

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