Aug 26, 2011

stripes! (one by one, baby, here they come) (the end has no end)

So arnab and I thought it would be cool if we dedicated one of our look posts a week to a specific theme. We are hoping that it will be interesting, fun, and a bit challenging (especially when we start repeating themes.) 
This week we choose stripes!
(I love stripes!)

Stripes are fantastically awesome because they come in all types of sizes, colors, and in all articles of clothing.

arnab is wearing an Urban Outfitters shirt, Diesel Black and Gold pants, a vintage Moschino necklace, and Calvin Klein boots
anisa is wearing an H&M shirt, Free People high-waisted flared jeans, vintage necklace, vintage bag, and Calvin Klein heels

Have a happy Friday! 

Hype Anisa!

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