Aug 11, 2011


hello everyone!
i hope you're all having a swell weekso far

as you all know by now i am an aspiring illustrator
for me, illustration and fashion go hand in hand
i think that the right fashion can make or break an illustration

these are just a hand full of illustrators who i am constantly inspired by

i think he's got a great illustrative style and does a brilliant job creating fashion illustrations

Leyendecker is actually a very recent find for me (which is weird, because his art is the oldest)
regardless, i think his art is absolutely gorgeous and just look at those clothes, beautiful

Jonathan Bartlett has been my favorite illustrator ever since i first came across his art two years ago
i love the way that he incorporates fashion into his strong, smart concepts
plus, his layouts, color combinations, and drawing skills are amazing

i hope that these artist inspire you as much as they have inspired me

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