Aug 20, 2011


Westward (for Kate Spade)

Emily Current and Meritt Elliott, the lovely ladies behind Current/Elliot, collaborated with Kate Spade and the result is Westward

 Westward: Wanderlust Satchel, Ingénue Clutch, Traveler Wallet  

Westward: Ingénue Clutch, Runaway Duffle  
 Westward: Curiosities Satchel 

Westward: Adventurer Satchel  

Westward: Ingénue Clutch

When I first learned about this collaboration I knew it would be great, what with Emily Current and Meritt Elliott in the mix. 
When I actually saw the bags I fell in love. My favorites would be the 'Ingénue Clutch' (in all the styles) and the 'Adventurer Satchel.'  

Visit the Kate Spade website to see more and possibly purchase one of these babies! 

Have a lovely weekend!

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