Oct 9, 2011

10 things!

This week has been another busy one as our family is celebrating a Nepalese holiday which has kept us busy all week. 
Not to mention Los Angeles got a sneak preview of fall, brrrr!
(onto our 10 things)

anisa's 5 things:

Cable knit sweaters!
I'm a huge fan. I think that they're the prefect way to stay incredibly warm and look fantastic all in one go. I'm very excited that they're "in" this fall because it means they will be much more widely available and I won't have to scrounge through thrift store racks. :)

Covet: Cropped Cable Knit Sweater

 Juicy Couture: Cable Pullover Sweater

ASOS: Cable Knit Jumper Dress

Self: Cable Knitted Jumper

Diesel: K-Caval Cable Knit Jumper

arnab's 5 things:
i thought for this week i would leave you all with an entire outfit
 so here it is

Beefy Flannel Shirt by Gitman Vintage
i like to start off an outfit from the very start

Snake Candy Coated Skinny Jeans by Acne
these pants look awesome and would bring a nice modern touch to that vintage shirt

cam suede oxford by anniel
a fabulous shoe like this one would be a great way to complete a look

 Maxi Sweater Vest by Oak
 for those of you who feel incomplete without a covering, this maxi vest is the perfect addition

 Nicky Leather Messenger by Ben Minkoff
i am aware that not everyone appreciates jewelry in the way that i do
so this is the kind of accessory anyone can pull off

have a great Sunday folks!

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