Oct 23, 2011

10 things!

Hi guys!
I hope everyone's doing well!
arnab and I are going to meet our friends for breakfast and I for one am very excited as it feels like forever since we've seen each other!

anisa's 5 thing


My new Betsey Johnson snake necklace and bracelet. I'm sure there are a lot of people who think Betsey Johnson jewelry is a bit too much on the gaudy side, but that's why I love them so much. While a lot of the peices are over the top, I think they make fantastic statement pieces for the outfit that you just can't seem to spice up. With it is a random snake pin I bought a few months back. I love snakes!!

Collecting all my clutches from all around the house and finally putting them in an organized drawer.
I took out all my scarves this week. I know that the weather has been all over the place here and though I'm not expecting winter to come anytime soon, scarves are wonderful for the chilly nights that are already here to stay.

If you remember last week I did a post on lace. Here are two lace items I can't wait to wear as soon as it gets colder.  

I also found my umbrella because I don't want to chance not knowing where it is in case it rains. I got this Coach umbrella last Christmas from my very lovely friend Iliana. It's the most perfect umbrella for me. :)

arnab's 5 things

for this week's 5 things i've decided to spotlight a couple of great video games

now, i'm not as big a fanatic as some folks are but at the same time i do love me some games


this was one of the first games i got when i got my ps3
i thought it was fantastic and overall very fun


this was a two for one pack that anisa got me
it was fun, exciting, and provided hours of entertainment


this game was a surprise hit for me
the game play was long, which i loved, and the action was awesome


i am currently still playing this game

it's a fantastic RPG and i'm loving it

i was going to add Batman Arkham Asylum to this list, but i figured i'd have a variety
i have been more excited for this game than i have ever been for any game
it is currently sitting on the table mocking me

have a great weekend!

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