Oct 24, 2011

eat your heart out: taco/burrito hybrid!

Our taco/burrito hybrid! 

A couple of weeks back we decided to try our hand at soft tacos. They came out perfect except that our tortillas were a bit to big to be tacos so we improvised and made them into burritos. :)

The best thing about making tacos is that it is fairly easy, you most likely already have the ingredients, and you can make them to fit your tastes! This won't be like our usual recipe posts since we don't have exact measurements or what not, but I 'll give you guys a simple overview of what we did.

1. Tortillas (we got ours from Trader Joe's, try looking for smaller sized ones if you can, or you can make them from scratch if you'd like) 
2. Meat, if you eat meat any will do so pick your favorite, if you don't then skip this ingridient (we choose chicken)
3. Gather anything else you might like in your tacos, we made salsa (and by 'we' I mean arnab)
Other things you can add to your tacos: guacamole, lettuce, green peppers, cheese

1. Cook your meat. We boiled the chicken, shredded it, and then fried it with some olive oil, salt, black peppers, and green peppers

 2. arnab made salsa. He cut up tomatoes, onions, cilantro, and added salt, black pepper, and cayenne pepper (sorry I don't have exact measurements.) He took half of this mixture and blended it in a blender for a few seconds and then mixed it back in to the solids.

 3. Make your tacos!

 And enjoy. :)

Happy Eating!

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