Oct 29, 2011

inspiration: food!

So this is a twist on my inspiration posts. Instead of doing something on fashion I'm doing something on food! 

I've been seeing all sorts of pies and soups on t.v. and in magazines lately, probably due to the upcoming holidays and the fact that fall is upon us. It's really made me hungry and wanting them. Here are some that I'm achin' to make: 

                         Tomato Soup, Roasted Squash Soup

I've been very into tomato soups lately. As kids arnab and I never had the tomato soup with our cheese sandwiches but it's always looked soo good and I've recently found out why its a kids staple. 
The roasted squash soup was something I saw on Rachel Ray's show and it looks so good! (and I don't even like squash but I'm dying to try this one out)

                Pumpkin Pie, Apple Pie, Pecan Pie

By the time Halloween comes around and throughout the month of November I'm always itching to bake some pie. I'm excited to make some pumpkin and apple pies! If you've never tried making them, you must, they're not hard to make at all!
I also have a recipe for an apple crisp that I love, you can find it here. I think it may be the first thing I make. :)

p.s. Congrats to the St. Louis Cardinals for the World Series win! 
(I wish it were the Angels, but there's always next season!)

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