Oct 21, 2011

nothing seems the same

Los Angeles is going through a strange back and forth where the weather is concerned. It's not a terribly bad thing but you do have to prepare for both the cold and the warmth, so it can be tricky.

Both arnab and I are wearing our basics, this post. Though it seems like arnab and I shop a lot, most of the time we try and restrain oursleves. More and more I've found that I like to save money and spend it on items of clothing that I know I'll be wearing forever. arnab is a lot better about this then I am but I'm getting better. It's just starting to make more sense to spend more on quality items that won't go out of style then to constantly buy things that will. (as I write this I see how obvious my last statement is, well better to learn now then never...) 

arnab is wearing Diesel button down, Diesel Black and Gold slacks, and Alfani boots

anisa is wearing a Levi's denim shirt, a French Connection dress, a vintage bag, and Michael Kors heels 
Today's blot post title is a Heartless Bastards song.
Have a wonderful Friday!

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