Oct 11, 2011

so lets make this moment a crime

 arnab and I are a lot alike in what we like, especially when it comes to fashion. (This is probably why we shop a lot...) 
 Not to say we like all the same things but there's just a lot that we both like: nautical themed things, stripes, polka dots, denim, etc.
Another something that arnab and I both love? 
Motorcycle style boots!

arnab's had his for a while and has made a lot of use for his.

I just recently got mine and I'm sure I'll be doing the same.

is wearing a vintage sweater vest, Levi's tank top, Levi's diy cut-off shorts, Kenneth Cole boots

anisa is wearing a vintage top, French Connection Denim shorts, thrifted bag, Jeffrey Campbell "Nation H" boots

The title of this blog post is a song by The Format.
Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Hype arnab!

Hype Anisa!

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