Nov 20, 2011

10 things!

 Hi everyone!
I hope everyone's doing well! 
Here are our top things for the week, mine is a bit (x1000) over my price limit, but oh well...

anisa's 5 things

I'm a handbag girl. I tend to scuff and wear out shoes much faster than the normal person so I don't ever really splurge on shoes nor do I ever really want to spend too much on shoes, but bags are another thing entirely! Top on my want list is Chanel's 2.55, but an extremely close second is pretty much any bag from Proenza Schouler's PS1 and PS11 collections. If you look at the bags below, you'll know why:

PS1 Large 

PS1 Medium 

 PS1 Keep All Small 


PS Accessories
arnab's 5 things
i've always loved the winter, ever since i can remember. 
the reason being, no matter how cold it got, you could always add another layer of clothing.
layering is an acquired skill, but one that anyone can master.
so i'll leave you with three items that could be paired together, with other items, or worn individually. 
and of course, no outfit is complete without pants and shoes.
Houston Denim Hooded Shirt by Kr3w
because who doesn't love a hooded shirt

Biker Hoodie with Oversized Hood by Unconditional
because how amazing is that hood

Black Gasoline Leather Jacket by ACNE
because every guy needs a leather jacket

Snake Candy Coated Skinny Jeans by ACNE
because guys do look great in skinny jeans

Black Buckley Wrap Boot by H by Hudson
because . period

have an amazingly fabulous day!
dress warm, stay safe!

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