Nov 23, 2011

and the lonesome wind

For some reason it's been raining every weekend here in L.A., it stops when the weekend is over, though, very strange.
The last couple of weekends the rain has been very, very minimal, but this weekend, particularly Sunday, it rained hard and a lot. Usually I would find every reason to stay indoors but a pre-planned breakfast with friends foiled all that. 
(Thankfully I love my friends and they are the only ones I would go out in pouring rain for.)

anisa is wearing vintage shirt, BB Dakota leather jacket, Current/Elliot jeans, vintage Coach bag, Coach umbrella, and Seychelles boots
arnab is wearing Salt Valley shirt, Missoni for Target cardigan, Levi's jeans, Guess by Marciano boots

We've passed these trees for year on end and I never get over how pretty they get this time of year.

The post title is a lyric from Joe Purdy's "Homesick Blues."
Have a happy Wednesday!!

Hype Anisa!

Hype arnab!

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