Nov 16, 2011

control yourself.

Remember a few posts back when I admitted that during the colder weather I make little to no effort with my outfits? Well I decided to give myself a challenge (arnab had to partake by default) so that I wouldn't just be wearing the plain jeans, shirt, and zip up jacket. The challenge goes like this: we choose two pieces (pants, tops, shoes, etc.) and we build two different outfits based on the items. Here are the first of the two outfits:

anisa is wearing Charlotte Russe top, vintage Moschino necklace, vintage clutch, Joe's Jeans jeans, Marc by Marc Jacob's boots 
arnab is wearing a Salt Valley shirt, vintage bow tie, ASOS pants, Kenneth Cole belt, and Alfani boots    

On Friday we'll post the second outfits that we made and you'll see what we reused from these outfits. :)
The post title is a lyric from MGMT's "Kids."
Have a wonderful Wednesday!!

Hype Anisa!

Hype arnab!

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