Nov 13, 2011

inspiration: Coach!


It's been a while since Coach relaunched some of their past handbag styles but since I've never talked about them here and I thought I really should.

When I first learned of the relaunch I went on and on about how excited I was to anyone who would listen.
I stopped for awhile so I wouldn't be so annoying, but arnab has been hearing a lot about these bags recently because I've been looking for a new handbag and these bags are on the top of my list.


Below are my top 3 favorites of the classics: 
Madison: I adore this bag so much! It's my favorite in the collection.

Willis Bag: This is my second favorite in the collection. I love the look of it, it's so chic!

Leather Duffle: I love the look and the perfect size of this bag, it's big but not huge. Love it! 

Have a happy weekend!!

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