Dec 31, 2011

inspiration: perfume (and cologne)!

Perfume (and Cologne)!

Perfume is the most understated accessory, don't you think?

Over the years I've accumulated a number of perfumes, mostly as gifts from arnab, my mom, and my friends, I don't think I've ever bought one for myself (there's no real reason why.) I love how they all smell and though I do love that they make me smell good, I'm pretty sure 75% of the reason why I spray myself with them is so I can smell them constantly throughout the day. :)
Here are mine, with some of arnab's colognes in the mix!
In the back- Marc Jacobs Lola, ChloƩ Eau De Parfum, Givenchy Very Irresistible, Stetson Cologne
In the front- Stetson Cologne, Calvin Klein Eternity, and Chanel Coco Mademoiselle

I love, and constantly use, each and everyone of them regularly. 


Happy New Year everyone!
We're going to have a barbeque at our house and then spend Sunday watching football, hoping that there's some miracle and the Chargers (the Patriots are already in, yay!) make it into the post season, who's with me?!

Be safe!

Dec 30, 2011

i had to run the damage is done

The holiday's are always fun but I'm glad that's it's over now.
It was really hectic there for a while and it all can be really taxing!

This week arnab has the week off work, and though I'm still working, the both of us are taking as much time to just relax and watch tv and spend time with friends, it's been lovely!

These are our outfits that we wore this past Sunday. 
We went over to some relatives homes down near Long Beach and exchanged gifts and ate some yummy treats (during the holidays I need to remind myself that it's all about portion control!)

Is it me or can guys pretty much wear leather jackets to everything? And I don't mean women can't or shouldn't, I certainly wear mine everywhere, but we generally don't. But I've seen guys wear leather jackets to fancy occasions and to small casual get together. They've even taken to making leather suit jackets for men (which I love for both men and women!) I guess if there is one thing to splurge on it would be the leather jacket (or faux if you don't wear leather) since it's so versatile

(the coffee mate bottle on the ground was a poor victim of Ruby's)

When I found this skirt at a thrift store the elastic had been stretched to it's fullest capacity. I think three people could have fit in it, so you must imagine arnab's face when I put it on and asked whether I should buy it. When I realized he couldn't read my mind (haha) I explained that it originally was a size small and I could just replace the elastic, he liked the idea and I'm glad I took a chance on it!

arnab is wearing a Ben Sherman shirt, H&M cardigan, Ben Sherman leather jacket, BDG pants, and Guess by Marciano boots
anisa is wearing Topman trench coat, H&M top, vintage belt, vintage skirt, vintage clutch, and Seychelles heels

The post title is a lyric from The Distillers "Beat Your Heart Out."
Have a wonderful Friday!!

Dec 28, 2011

playing out the lives of the lost and found

Hi everyone!
What a few busy days we've all been having! 
On Saturday arnab hosted a dinner for some of our local family friends and it was great night! 
The best part for me was the food (yumm!) and hanging out with my best friends!

These were our outfits for Saturday, though it got warm in the house so I was quick to take off the Theory sweater. Even still, I'm wearing this sweater to death! (I love it so much!)

Also, while shopping for holiday gifts arnab and I spotted the lovely Rachel Bilson! I think she pretty much embodies the California girl and I love it! Anyway, she was wearing this lovely maxi skirt and I was so inspired by her!

arnab, of course, dressed more for comfort than anything else, he was cooking most of the day. But, and I'm sure many of you will agree, there's not many guys out there who don't look nice in a plaid shirt and jeans.

And here's arnab in his new gifted Batman apron getting ready for a long days cooking!
What a brilliant gift!

anisa is wearing Theory sweater, vintage maxi skirt, and Givenchy necklace 

arnab is wearing Levi's plaid shirt, Jerzees thermal shirt, Batman apron, Levi's jeans, and Calvin Klein laofers

The post title is a lyric from Johnny Flynn's "Lost & Found."
Have a wonderful Wednesday!!

Dec 24, 2011

pleased to meet you, nice to see you

Hi everyone!
I hope everyone's holidays are going well! This past week I've been eating a bunch of Hanukkah treats and tomorrow arnab will cooking up a Turkey, with a bunch of other things, yum!

Our family doesn't have any holiday traditions, at least not for the winter holidays, except for one, which only arnab and I take part in. Every year, for about nine years, in the days leading up to Christmas, arnab and I re-watch the Lord of the Rings Trilogy! I know, not at all a holiday movie, but we actually started the tradition while we were both in school, so our winter holidays were always the best time to re-watch the movies. Obviously we love the movie and it's something we both look forward to. We watched the first one yesterday! It's nice to have traditions, isn't it?

I love this Marc Jacobs top/kimono/jacket, as you can see I don't exactly know what to call it. (hahaha)
It's the perfect top for a day when it's not too warm and not too cold day, we've been having a bunch of those recently. I've also worn it to many different occasions and I always get such nice compliments on it. It's one purchase that I won't ever regret buying!

arnab is wearing my Calvin Klein hat! Something arnab and I always joke about it that if it's possible, we try to justify purchases by saying that it'll be used by both of us. Here's a perfect case of that!
I think our pictures make it seem like it's a sunny, warm day, but all you have to do is look at what arnab's wearing to know that the light is deceiving you! He wouldn't ever think of wearing that hat, the jacket, or that shirt if it was really warm, much less wear them all together!

anisa is wearing a Marc Jacobs top, H&M shirt, MyNameNecklace necklace, vintage clutch, Levi's jeans, and Anne Klien heels
arnab is wearing Calvin Klein hat, All-Son shirt, FCUK jacket, Levi's jeans, and Kenneth Cole boots

The post title is a lyric from A.A. Bondy's "Hey Preacher."
Have a wonderful weekend!!

Dec 22, 2011



Instead of buying holiday cards, a lot of which are Chrsitmas related, I decided to make cards this year. Usually arnab, the more artsy one in the family, makes them, but I had time on my hnads so I thought I'd give it a go. 
Plus arnab had his hands full making his mixed cd's for everyone. He takes all the songs he got in 2011 and puts together specialized cds for everyone. Then he makes cd cases for the cd's to go in (you'll see it below)!

I think the hardest part about making the cards was trying to figure out the layout, putting it together was a cinch. I decided to go with a colorful Southern California theme, because let's face it Southern California and winter don't mix!

Here's arnab cd case:
All of our friends were amazed at the case, it's really very cool!
The top portion, or front cover, goes with my theme of the So Cal winter. In the bottom portion, though you can't see up close, arnab drew in me, himself, and all of our friends! He actually even put in Ruby!


Dec 21, 2011

but i have some really good friends...

"But I have some really good friends I've been fortunate enough to find"
-Heartless Bastards

Yesterday we posted outfits we wore on Sunday to our holiday gift exchange/pot luck with our friends. Because of that, we didn't put up our usual "10 things" post and instead decided to do it differently this week. Instead of showing you our favorite 10 things of the week we're going to show you the presents we received (there were a lot more then 10.)

The presents we got this year, and actually every year, were fabulous and both arnab and I are very excited about them. I was originally going to title this post "10 things" but was reminded of this Heartless Bastards quote and every time I hear it I'm reminded of my friends, they're a lovely bunch. :)

Here's what we got:
A plaid shirt! Grey jeans!

A great tie! A super soft scarf! The most amazing gold shorts! An awesome tank!

Art books! Star Wars books! Zombie books! A notebook with a quote by the great Yves Saint Laurent!

 Perfume that I've been dying to own! A cute little clutch! The prettiest blue nail polish! Lip balm that's the softest color!

 Video games! Dvds! Gift cards! Chopsticks! Godiva Chocolate!

It's all so wonderful!

Here's arnab baking in his new apron, which I forgot to add in the above pictures. I had heard about them and wanted one and I was going to look for them online when one was delivered to our house from one of arnab's friends, amazing!

 Here I are enjoying a lovely meal, with a bunch of lovely people!


Dec 20, 2011

so i'll march my feet to a different drum

On Sunday me, arnab and our friends met up and had a holiday party!
We had a big potluck with a bunch of yummy foods and we had a fun gift exchange. I'm so excited about the gifts I got and we'll be sharing them tomorrow.

arnab has been searching for a varisty jacket since forever. He finally found this ASOS one in the right size and snatched it up. I think it was a great buy because it's the perfect lightweight jacket, and everyone needs one of those!

I had originally planned to wear this outfit to the party. Unfortunately last minute I had to switch sweaters but we were in too much of a rush to retake pictures. But anyway, this sweater is a gift from arnab and I love it. I love the light grey color, it's very warm, and, you can't see it but, the back is made of this dark grey mesh type material, so it's see-thru.

My very own Carrie necklace! I love Sex and the City and every time I see the final episodes of the show where Carrie is frantically searching for her necklace I want to buy my friends one for themselves, so that's what we did!

anisa is wearing a Kensie sweater, H&M shirt, MyNameNecklace necklace, BCBGeneration skirt, vintage Coach bag, and Carlos Carlos Santa heels 
arnab is wearing ASOS jacket, Topman shirt, Levi's jeans, and Alfani boots

The post title is a lyric from Heartless Bastard's "Gray."
Have a wonderful Tuesday!!

Dec 17, 2011

so i will wait on the edges in between

I bought this Levi's denim shirt online when Levi's was having a big sale. Long story short, the package came and I tried the shirt on and it was huge on me. I was convinced that they accidentally sent me a men's medium! Good news is that I was able to exchange it in store and I found out that it's supposed to be loose, a lovely surprise! It just wasn't supposed to be as loose as the medium was (haha.) I was able to find the right size, and it was the last one in that size!
(arnab got lucky, he too bought a shirt during the same online sale and not only did his fit, when I went back in to exchange mine, he found the fantastic sweater he wore in our last post, for a really great price!)

p.s. One of my two favorite colors (the other being black) is green and it's very hard to find green pieces so I take very chance I can get to add it to my wardrobe.  :)
(Also I cut my hair, though I keep forgetting to talk about it, haha, maybe on the next outfit post...)

arnab is wearing his favorite colors in this post too. Especially when it comes to clothes, arnab loves the colors grey and black (I don't know that grey is his favorite color outside of clothes, but then again I bought some grey O.P.I. nail polish today and he was very excited...) Another thing arnab loves that he's wearing today is hoods. I think he's the only person I know who actually uses the hoods on his jackets. And don't even get him started on hooded shirts!

anisa is wearing a Levi's denim shirt,  Betsey Johnson snake bracelet, I.N.C. jeans, vintage clutch, and Anne Klein heels 
arnab is wearing an Alternative Apparel hooded shirt, Alternative Apparel jacket, Levi's cargo pants, and Calvin Klein loafers

The post title is a lyric from The Gaslight Anthem's "The Spirit of Jazz."
Have a wonderful Saturday!!

Hype Anisa!

Hype arnab!

Dec 14, 2011

so forgive me if i drift off in to silent frozen memories

A few weeks back arnab and I were out shopping with our mom when he held up this Theory turtleneck sweater. I had to do a double-take because arnab is a huge hater of turtlenecks. I don't like them either and have horrible memories of having to wear them as a child… But arnab's hatred is much deeper. Let's face it, the turtleneck is very constricting on the neck, and many would say (including myself and arnab) that often times they are suffocating. 
Anyway, you can imagine my surprise when he handed me the Theory sweater and told me that it was freakishly soft, which it was. I tried it on and I found that thankfully the turtleneck on the sweater was loose enough that it felt like a scarf around my neck and it was very warm! As you can see I brought the sweater home! I guess the lesson in this is that you shouldn't right off things too quickly, especially when it comes to fashion. Designers are creating and improving pieces all the time!

arnab hit the jackpot with this Levi's sweater. We went into the Levi's store one day when they were having a huge sale and he was able to get this sweater for a fantastically low price! The sweater is nice and thick but soft, and arnab's favorite clothing color: grey! It's very hard to shop for arnab because of his size but when we do find things for him they're often times, really cool pieces! 

is wearing Theory sweater, Zara skirt, Target tights, vintage bag, and Calvin Klein heels

arnab is wearing Levi's sweater, Levi's jeans, and Alfani boots

The post title is a lyric from Joe Purdy's "Troubadour."
Have a wonderful Wednesday!!

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