Dec 21, 2011

but i have some really good friends...

"But I have some really good friends I've been fortunate enough to find"
-Heartless Bastards

Yesterday we posted outfits we wore on Sunday to our holiday gift exchange/pot luck with our friends. Because of that, we didn't put up our usual "10 things" post and instead decided to do it differently this week. Instead of showing you our favorite 10 things of the week we're going to show you the presents we received (there were a lot more then 10.)

The presents we got this year, and actually every year, were fabulous and both arnab and I are very excited about them. I was originally going to title this post "10 things" but was reminded of this Heartless Bastards quote and every time I hear it I'm reminded of my friends, they're a lovely bunch. :)

Here's what we got:
A plaid shirt! Grey jeans!

A great tie! A super soft scarf! The most amazing gold shorts! An awesome tank!

Art books! Star Wars books! Zombie books! A notebook with a quote by the great Yves Saint Laurent!

 Perfume that I've been dying to own! A cute little clutch! The prettiest blue nail polish! Lip balm that's the softest color!

 Video games! Dvds! Gift cards! Chopsticks! Godiva Chocolate!

It's all so wonderful!

Here's arnab baking in his new apron, which I forgot to add in the above pictures. I had heard about them and wanted one and I was going to look for them online when one was delivered to our house from one of arnab's friends, amazing!

 Here I are enjoying a lovely meal, with a bunch of lovely people!


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