Dec 4, 2011

holiday gift ideas

One thing that arnab and I got from our mom is our love of giving gifts. The best thing about this is that we get so busy that we have no time to buy things for ourselves that we don't really need, haha. 

With the holiday season coming up we thought we'd put some gift ideas. I've gotten so many ideas from gift guides and such that other bloggers have posted, so hopefully we help someone out.

The funny thing is that we don't actually celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, or Kwanza in our family or between our friends. We were raised as Hindu/Buddhist and now we don't practice a religion but when our parents came to the US they didn't want us to feel left out so we adopted the tradition of gift giving and spending time with family and friends.
We still exchange gifts between me, arnab, our parents, and our friends. arnab and I have a ridiculously fun time finding the perfect gifts, here are some things we've spotted on our searches:

For the women!

When I'm buying a gift for a woman and I want to get her clothing I lean towards outerwear. For one thing, it's something everyone wears and for another you don't have to stress much about the fit, if you know the person's size you're pretty much good to go.
Moschino, Topshop, Valentino, Topshop

Theyskens' Theory, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Topshop, Topshop
Preen, Topshop, Donna Karan, Topshop

Handbags are also a great gift giving choice. I don't know anyone who doesn't need a bag, they're a very useful thing.

A great statement necklace will make an woman happy. :)
Miu Miu, Eddie Borgo, J Crew, ASOS, French Connection

And lastly scarves, gloves, and hats, who doesn't need them?!
These are very affordable and great to give to family members, co-workers, neighbors, everyone!

For the men!

what up friends, it's arnab! so here's a little secret, shopping for men is freaking easy.
really, you've got two types of guys. the kind that enjoy shopping for clothes and the kind that don't.
the guys that don't enjoy shopping, love receiving clothes, because it means they don't have to shop.
and the guys that do enjoy shopping tend to appreciate nice clothes anyway.

here's the deal, everyone needs a jacket or a sweater. guys get cold too!

Topman, Topman, Levi's, Levi's
whether it's a short sleeved shirt or a long sleeved button down, shirts are a fantastic and simple choice for gifting.

Topman, Topman, Topman, Topman
pants are by far the trickiest of apparel to shop for. with pant sizes not always matching up your best bet is just to grab a pair that he already owns and measure or compare.

 Aussiebum, Aussiebum, Aussiebum, Aussiebum
let's be honest here, guys need underwear. and if they're going to wear underwear that someone might see, i think it's your duty as a friend/sibling/lover/etc to make sure his underwear is cool.

J Shoes, Jeffrey Campbell, J Shoes, H by Hudson
shoes are a staple in everybody's wardrobe. they tend to be the last thing you put on, but have the power to make or break your entire outfit. make it easier on him by choosing shoes that easily pair up with any article of clothing.

Goorin Bros., Ben Minkoff, Ray-Ban, Miansai
accessories are the final touch to the outfit and believe it or not most guys love to accessorize, they just don't know it.

Not pictured but great idea gifts are things from (RED) and FEED, whose proceeds go to helping eliminate AIDS and fighting hunger and eliminating malnutrition throughout the world, respectively.

Have fun shopping! (I know we did)

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