Dec 30, 2011

i had to run the damage is done

The holiday's are always fun but I'm glad that's it's over now.
It was really hectic there for a while and it all can be really taxing!

This week arnab has the week off work, and though I'm still working, the both of us are taking as much time to just relax and watch tv and spend time with friends, it's been lovely!

These are our outfits that we wore this past Sunday. 
We went over to some relatives homes down near Long Beach and exchanged gifts and ate some yummy treats (during the holidays I need to remind myself that it's all about portion control!)

Is it me or can guys pretty much wear leather jackets to everything? And I don't mean women can't or shouldn't, I certainly wear mine everywhere, but we generally don't. But I've seen guys wear leather jackets to fancy occasions and to small casual get together. They've even taken to making leather suit jackets for men (which I love for both men and women!) I guess if there is one thing to splurge on it would be the leather jacket (or faux if you don't wear leather) since it's so versatile

(the coffee mate bottle on the ground was a poor victim of Ruby's)

When I found this skirt at a thrift store the elastic had been stretched to it's fullest capacity. I think three people could have fit in it, so you must imagine arnab's face when I put it on and asked whether I should buy it. When I realized he couldn't read my mind (haha) I explained that it originally was a size small and I could just replace the elastic, he liked the idea and I'm glad I took a chance on it!

arnab is wearing a Ben Sherman shirt, H&M cardigan, Ben Sherman leather jacket, BDG pants, and Guess by Marciano boots
anisa is wearing Topman trench coat, H&M top, vintage belt, vintage skirt, vintage clutch, and Seychelles heels

The post title is a lyric from The Distillers "Beat Your Heart Out."
Have a wonderful Friday!!

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