Dec 28, 2011

playing out the lives of the lost and found

Hi everyone!
What a few busy days we've all been having! 
On Saturday arnab hosted a dinner for some of our local family friends and it was great night! 
The best part for me was the food (yumm!) and hanging out with my best friends!

These were our outfits for Saturday, though it got warm in the house so I was quick to take off the Theory sweater. Even still, I'm wearing this sweater to death! (I love it so much!)

Also, while shopping for holiday gifts arnab and I spotted the lovely Rachel Bilson! I think she pretty much embodies the California girl and I love it! Anyway, she was wearing this lovely maxi skirt and I was so inspired by her!

arnab, of course, dressed more for comfort than anything else, he was cooking most of the day. But, and I'm sure many of you will agree, there's not many guys out there who don't look nice in a plaid shirt and jeans.

And here's arnab in his new gifted Batman apron getting ready for a long days cooking!
What a brilliant gift!

anisa is wearing Theory sweater, vintage maxi skirt, and Givenchy necklace 

arnab is wearing Levi's plaid shirt, Jerzees thermal shirt, Batman apron, Levi's jeans, and Calvin Klein laofers

The post title is a lyric from Johnny Flynn's "Lost & Found."
Have a wonderful Wednesday!!

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