Dec 24, 2011

pleased to meet you, nice to see you

Hi everyone!
I hope everyone's holidays are going well! This past week I've been eating a bunch of Hanukkah treats and tomorrow arnab will cooking up a Turkey, with a bunch of other things, yum!

Our family doesn't have any holiday traditions, at least not for the winter holidays, except for one, which only arnab and I take part in. Every year, for about nine years, in the days leading up to Christmas, arnab and I re-watch the Lord of the Rings Trilogy! I know, not at all a holiday movie, but we actually started the tradition while we were both in school, so our winter holidays were always the best time to re-watch the movies. Obviously we love the movie and it's something we both look forward to. We watched the first one yesterday! It's nice to have traditions, isn't it?

I love this Marc Jacobs top/kimono/jacket, as you can see I don't exactly know what to call it. (hahaha)
It's the perfect top for a day when it's not too warm and not too cold day, we've been having a bunch of those recently. I've also worn it to many different occasions and I always get such nice compliments on it. It's one purchase that I won't ever regret buying!

arnab is wearing my Calvin Klein hat! Something arnab and I always joke about it that if it's possible, we try to justify purchases by saying that it'll be used by both of us. Here's a perfect case of that!
I think our pictures make it seem like it's a sunny, warm day, but all you have to do is look at what arnab's wearing to know that the light is deceiving you! He wouldn't ever think of wearing that hat, the jacket, or that shirt if it was really warm, much less wear them all together!

anisa is wearing a Marc Jacobs top, H&M shirt, MyNameNecklace necklace, vintage clutch, Levi's jeans, and Anne Klien heels
arnab is wearing Calvin Klein hat, All-Son shirt, FCUK jacket, Levi's jeans, and Kenneth Cole boots

The post title is a lyric from A.A. Bondy's "Hey Preacher."
Have a wonderful weekend!!

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